Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's not right, but it's ok.

Something happened and I guess these past few days have been an eye-opening experience for me:

1) I've learnt that no matter how clever a person may appear, they are bound to make bad judgements.I guess there are some things that just can't be taught in universities.

2) There's no such thing as perfection in a human being. I've never been more sure than I am now.

3) I've said this once and I'm gonna say it again: You don't have to be friends with everyone.

People say we don't get to choose who our parents or family are but we DO get to choose our friends, thank God for that. Everyone's got something that they look up to or relate to in a partner or a friend, for example. Whether it's their lending ears, or their soulful heart , or just a common interest that we share with each other that could be just about anything.

The way I value and see the basics of friendship is just as similar as any relationship with that special someone though you don't necessarily treat them both inclusively. And that is, if that something with that someone doesn't work out for whatever reason, it's okay to call it quits.

I don't mean to say that everyone shouldn't try to make amends or work things through. I don't bad mouth that person to the whole world, I'm fairly civilized with everybody...There's just no point in trying to act like nothing's happened and that things would remain like it used to when the reality isn't. And I'd like to reject the idea that you HAVE to put up with everything to sustain something like a friendship, for example.

Let me try and be a bit more specific here - I'm not gonna try and be nice to someone who, because of his or her self interest, alters the way things are between me and my close circle of friends. Not even if that person is, or used to, be friends with me. I'm not wired that way, I just can't put on a nice face or hang out with a person that just irritated the shit out of me, and those closest to me would know that. I won't try to rekindle just for old time's sake. Like I said, if it happens it happens, otherwise it doesn't.

If I don't wanna talk to you, it's very simple: it's because I have nothing to say. It's nothing personal and it should be ok that way because people change, and some actions alter everything.

It's something all of us have to live with.

4) Try to keep things to yourself. It's a learning process for a lot of people including myself.

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