Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jakun alert!

I'm going to Australia. Lama lagi I know but let me be a jakun this time. Wooohooooo!! It's not really the place that psyches me up, it's more of my last chance to travel as a student part that is exciting ;). Though I wish that one day, I'll afford to have that travel across Europe plan... maybe.

It's good to have friends across borders. Yes, YOU!


nabila said...

Finally.It's about time!

You'll fall in love with my apartment hehe.

mrs.hafizNEN said...

along, we can do that europe trip together. i have HIGH hopes to ;)

ps : apa cerrrr Mr.Mraz, any news?

fiqss said...

mane aci. i am sooo goin to uk. beat that! hahaha (as if)

syafiq n said...

la, ur going coming to visit pann je ke? :p

herRoyalCaffeinAddict said...

oh, selamat datang afifah!:)