Monday, March 16, 2009

A generous week

A few reasons why I'm joyfully happy:

1) My sister got straight 10A's for her SPM! And she deserves every bit of it =D
2) I'm going to Sydney for my Easter break! Hope to buy the plane ticket tomorrow.
3) I've just decorated my room and had a spring cleaning in my lounge area. My apartment now looks twice the original size.
4) I managed to do my Corporate Finance tute and had a constructive discussion with Apok on leasing issues. I am, however, still unsure of the NPV calculations for the lessor/lessee example in Sean's lecture notes. I'm pretty sure there's a slight error.
5) I am still in the midst of organizing my housewarming with Aida - it's meant to be super glamorous. I'm so excited. We'll see how it goes.
6) My cousin K.Jehan just got married. To think that we used to play together when we were kids and now she's married? I'm so happy for her.
7) I love my french class - love the tutor/lecturer, my classmates and especially the language. Got a test this Thurs!
8) Bought a new mavi jeans (my fav) and a royal blue wool trench coat for winter, both from To the Max. Loooo-ve it!


Afifah said...

Corporate Finance? I'm taking corporate finance law for my 3rd year. If I don't understand, the economic side to it, I know who to consult..

nabila said...

Anytime babe : )

By the way, my mom wants to come to visit me in July. We'll have a big party then lol.