Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not just because it's Val's Day

To that person who cares for me so much, to that person who’s incredibly patient with me, to that person who calls me without needing a reason, to that person who makes me feel beautiful not just on the outside but inside too, to that person who holds my hands whenever they get cold, to that person who puts up with my mood swings and insecurities, to that person who would still send me home even at 4 am, to that person who treats me like how I want to be treated, to that person who knows I don’t drink and never makes me, who knows we can still have fun without having to get stoned, drunk or naked. To that person who can make me laugh so hard without even trying, to that person who gets my jokes without having me to explain it, to that person who makes me blush and turn red, to that person who’s so full of life, to that person who sees the good even when it’s ugly, to that person who keeps me in touch with the realities of life, to that person who would send me all the way to class in the morning, to that person who would drive me around at night, to that person who TRIES really hard to stay awake just because I want to watch a movie (even though I know he’s half, to that person who knows all my favorite chocolates and food, to that person who tells me he prefers me without my make up on, to that person who simplifies my otherwise complex thoughts, to that person who makes me want to become a better person, to that person who’s open about his thoughts and honest about his past, to that person who complements me in many ways….

I'm glad I can say I love you, not just because it's Val's day :)


enchantress said...

" that person who simplifies my otherwise complex thoughts.."

Gosh~ Pan, out of ALL the aforementioned in the post, i love this line the MOST.

I tumpang along this romantic ride of yours aight?


Not sure when MY ride is gonna come. Been waiting at the stand for so long.

Two did come, then halfway, i got down.


Didy said...

damn girl,didnt know that you can be sweet.=p

Afifah said...

cis, i thought it was me until i saw the 'he' part last2..


nabila said...

Abir: CLEARLY,i've been missing out on those stories! :( Babe,you know what they say about relationships - they come & go, but friendship stays forever =) But of cos i want both to last so yeah..LOL

Didy: Am counting the days!!! :)

Pipon: Exams next week! Will call you as soon as I'm done with it. I miss you woman !!!!

afiqah thalib said...

sweet hell!

happy for u

HRH Fiza said...

I'm wondering who this person is. he makes you so happy :))

thus Im happy :))
hey, wait for me ogeh next year :p
love ya. tc!

nabila said...

fiqah: babe! are you already in auckland? babe,jom skype (like we used to) =)

pcha: can't wait to have you here,it'd be fucking awesome! aussie open and SO much more,it'd be like old times =) i love you too babe.

Irving Tan said...

Evidently the babes love this post ;)