Saturday, February 23, 2008

# Mission 1

If there's one thing I can thank the Swedes for, it must be IKEA!

Got there around 3-ish and I first stopped by at an indian restaurant for some mouth-watering dishes (which,for the record,only cost 7.90 for a considerably huge portion)Then me and my fellow IKEA-worshipping buyers i.e. Liyana and Anna (Molly) spent some good 2 hours there and these are some of the stuffs I managed to get:

1)A maroon-reddish quilt cover set with a matching bedsheet.
2)2 sets of plain wooden picture frame.
3)A clock for my living room.
4)Compartmentalised shoe rack that comes in a set (white)
5)A zig-zag mirror
6)Compartment box
7)A notice board

Which amounted to $120 in total. I guess it's not that bad considering the fact that I make a point to shop there only once in a year.

In a few minutes, I shall head home (in the comp lab right now) after a (hopefully) short trip to Borders and start doing my laundry which has been piling up on my table and start re-decorating my room. Which will be a theme of red and white, I think. Oh yeah, can't wait!!!

I'll post some pics as soon as my mission's accomplished.

Have a good weekend, people! :)

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