Thursday, November 15, 2007

I know I shouldn't blog until I've finished reading. I'm currently reading John Grisham's The Client. It comes with The Street Lawyer too. It's cheaper when you get omnibus version's of books from authors that you like. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and strangely on extra-curricular activities. I should participate in more activities. I miss the excitement of learning something completely new. Someone suggested getting active in campus politics. Yes, someone whose face is currently in the wufi's bulletins. I never knew I can actually fit in the 'wufi' picture. I'm not completely striking it off but as of now, I don't think 'certain' people can stand me. Especially when one wants to revamp the whole system :). After all, politics is all about trying to please as much people as you can. If there's one thing in the world that does not have any rules - it's politics! Lightning can strike anytime...

Well, how about mooting? Pie's been getting active in it. Congratulations to her, with her hard work and talents she's been suppressing, she's the captain of her team despite being only in her 1st sem. I know I once said earlier that I will never do mooting as long as I live and I'm thinking that statement is just the-heat-of-the-moment-thing. I cannot avoid mooting if I'm doing law, and if you're talking about the hard work, well... everything in life needs hard work. I think I'll try mooting, for the sake of knowledge.

And there's debate. You shouldn't let just one thing defines your life right? You should maximize your uni life as best as you can and have much fun as you can.


Ezanee said...

Your outlook is certainly a lot more mature then mine was when I was in your shoes, a few years ago :)

If it feels right, go for it.

myra said...

im in the mood for something new too. the word 'd.e.b.a.t.e' does not 'turn me on' anymore..