Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'll only blog once I've finished a reading book. Never underestimate the amount of knowledge you can gain from books, even fictions too. I'm never good with non-fictions but I think I should get starting on it, you know-for knowledge wise. It should be fun reading non-fictions without pressure. Yes, having that book review for Clash of Civilizations does makes it a major turn-off for me to actually finish the book. Even though at a certain point, it sounds like some 'conspiracy theory', there's actually some good points inside it.

I'll think I'll go back to fictions first before jumping off to non-fictions. And there's that 4 issues of The Economist still waiting to be read after putting it behind for exams. I found it to be a better reading material than TIME-less on gossips, more in depth analysis. It does take a while to adjust to because I'm not used to reading what I believe to be sophisticated articles where the writers assumes you know everything but practice makes perfect. Wouldn't want dad's gift to me for a year-free of subscription goes to waste. So I guess I'll be dedicating this holiday that I have(minus Royals debate) for reading.

Congratulations for cousin Ayie (yup, I'll still call you ayie when the world calls you Khai) for being elected Chairman of UKEC. Good job so far on Ceku .

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