Saturday, December 22, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is....

Lately, my craving for an ipod has gotten worse and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's all I can think about, other than some personal issues that I need to settle. I've been wanting it since the post-SPM period but the loss of handphones keeps on delaying that process and now, I'm officially broke! Yes, I've been using my own personal money for allowances the past semester and unless my boss decides to give money anytime soon, my savings will be reduced to an amount that I cannot bear to say. I honestly think I deserve that Ipod. I've been saving the past sem, I can't remember the last time I went shopping(minus the 1st shopping session I had with ngah) and I've been really good in terms of money-spending that me and Scrooge can be called best-buddies.



fiqss said...

doa lah SC bagi yer money NOT soon,but A.S.A.P! huhu

Irving said...

And to make things worse, Apple just released a new iPod Nano model lagi kan?

LOL >.<

Anonymous said...

Afifah, go get that thing, girl!
I'll be here praying for you =)
hehe. (cos i can't give any dough, im just as broke, haha)


ps: u pun minat Gossip Girl ke? whoa..?

- Puteri =)

atif slim said...

have been thinking of the EXACT SAME THING @.@ but considering the fact that it's 600 bucks for 8 gigs kan, i think i'd take the risk in patiently awaiting the arrival of a 15 or maybe even 50 gigs nye ipod nano @.@ which should be anytime soon, now... i mean, tgklah the evolution of thumbdrives, you can get like what, 5 gigs nye for a 100 bucks je nowadays, cam tensen betol =.= (i bought my 2gigs for close to 200 bucks - only a few months before the price went crashing down =.=)

Khalidah Nazihah said...

good things come to those who wait..

or wait long enough!

Anonymous said...

afifah, i finally updated your link to this one. sorry, me been forgetting.

ur friend seems cool too btw =)
*waves to nabila*

- Puteri =)

enchantress said...

Feefs. Oth 5 is coming out soon~ Anyways, i still bow and knee to English series, BUT, any chance you could catch the KAMI series on YouTube?

It's shocking, coming from me and all, BUT, it's surprisingly similar with OTH, really, but the Malay version lah.

fieqa thalib said...

I'm suddenly having this crazy craving for debate debate n debate!!! miss those moments sooooo freakin much! hey..was wondering is there any chance at all that I might drop by any of your practice sessions? you know, just for the pleasure of simply reminding yourself that you used to be part of that...haih
cam org angau la pulak...

HRH Fiza said...

fifa. forever mahu itu ipod. hon kalau I kaya raya. I'd buy you one =) album John Mayer tu boleh la lol

fifa said...

is there any nature law that states that people who share the same name would as well share similar predilection?

or maybe it's just a coincidence :)

well, i craved fr the same thing for ages. did the saving, tighten my belt and what not, and everytime the amount reaches up to the desired limit, my conscience makes me rethink.

and it always ended up that i would be financially wrong if go for it.saddening, it is ;(